Terry Lawrence Demming

5/15/2011 - 7/4/2018

The family appreciates all of the various acts of love and kindness expressed during this time. In tribute to Terry, a foundation is being established to honor and support the things that he loved.

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Terry Lawrence Demming glowed with love, joy and enthusiasm. He showed love and made conversation with any and everyone he came across. He was a warm and affectionate person who greeted everyone with a hug, and easily turned strangers into friends. He was the kind of person you just wanted to be around.

Terry was a natural born athlete, blessed with talent and grace at every sport he tried. He loved to be outside playing sports -- baseball and football, in particular. He loved the Yankees and he loved the Montclair Bulldogs, Mounties and Daddy's softball team. His teammates and coaches recognized him as a leader on the field, the first to congratulate someone who did well or to encourage someone to do better. He both relished competition, and inspired team spirit.

Terry had a playful spirit and was intrinsically active and creative, both physically and mentally. He was an avid reader and mathematician. He was also a lover of board games and card games, especially Monopoly, Chess, Uno, War and Spades. He loved learning the nuances of the rules and deploying his keen sense of strategy. He did not know boredom.

Terry had a heart for people. He loved to pass the peace to every soul in church. He cared deeply about his community and social justice. Even at such a young age, Terry was driven to uplift others. He loved to bring food to share with the guests at Toni's Kitchen. He loved his family and especially adored his big sister, whom he loved and protected as fiercely as he could. Gabriel and Alejandro were his best friends. When he was with either of them, they were inseparable, and usually throwing or kicking a ball. Terry had a tender spirit and loved animals, including his own pets, Mike Skateboard Demming, Lucky, Pearl Rose Demming, Dorothy, and Princess Baby Fish, as well as Sassy, Evie, Tripper, Cooper and Meringue.

Terry brought light to those who were blessed to meet him. That light will live in our hearts forever.